Punk Emo Teen Aimee Black Swallows Holy Spunk

From Lethal Pass

Starring Aimee Black

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Added March 30 2014

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Ultra-cute punk rock babe, Aimee Black is a naughty little hooker who can't keep her legs closed! She confesses to partying and sleeping around with random guys so the priest tells her to remove her tainted panties. She can hear his breathing getting heavier from the other side and yanks off her top and puts her perky tits on full display. Next thing she knows, the screen slides off and a big dick pokes outta the gloryhole, all hard and glistening and ready for Aimee's cock-sucking mouth! She jerks, tugs and sucks on that juicy pecker while stuffing fingers in her twat for added sexual pleasure. It doesn't take long to pop that weasel!

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