Sexy Brunette Ashli Ames Wants to Swallow Holy Cum

From Lethal Pass

Starring Ashli Ames

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Added March 27 2014

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Cock-starved brunette, Ashli Ames starts pouring out all her dirty sinful confessions to her priest about how she's hopelessly addicted to sex. The more juicy details she gives out, the hornier the priest gets under his saintly robes. Unable to handle anymore of Ashli Ames' sordid sex stories, the priest shoves his cock through the screen and Ashli grabs his dick and sucks on his holy pecker. The taste of cock in her mouth drives her completely fucking crazy so she strips off all her clothes and starts furiously fingering herself while keeping that dick stiff as a board with her juicy, wet tongue. Then, with a final tug, she baptizes herself!

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